Revelations 3:2

Strengthen What Remains.



The vision and mission of the United Hearts International are intimately tied to supporting the local churches in impoverished areas. We seek out active churches who are reaching out to their communities at large. We believe that this is the most efficient manner in which to lift people out of poverty and ignorance. Also, it is the biblical approach. In past decades the economy in Haiti has been decimated, both by their internal strife and by the embargo imposed by the United States. In order to make sure that donations to charities / organizations like EECU are received, there are guidelines that should be followed. If you want to become involved in any of the needs listed below, read through the guidelines for donations. If you need more information please contact us today.


  • Beds for the orphanage at Solliette
  • Sponsors for the young children (between 200 to 300 needed)
  • Sponsors for college students (6) to attend college in the U.S.
  • Additions to the headquarters at Bel-Air
  • Increase salary for principal of schools (monthly support)
  • Diesel generator for clinic at Blanquette
  • Benches and chairs for churches and schools
  • Musical instruments for all the churches....these may be used ones
  • Water wells at Bel-Air, Blanquette and Solliette

1. All checks to this ministry should be made out to Eglise Evangelique Coeurs Unis.The banks do not recognize acronyms as valid for account verification.

2. Do not put cash in your envelope or in any packages that you send. There have been problems with packages being opened at the airports in the United States and money removed from them. Three men were recently arrested at the Miami Airport for this. The postal system in Haiti is even less reliable.

Monetary Donations Please make check out to:
Eglise Evangelique des coeurs Unis
Mail Room 681
NE 167th Street
Miami Fl, 33162